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Swallowing Care

Occupational therapists work together with post stroke survivors and their caregivers to determine mutual goals and optimal outcomes for swallowing skills.  This may include any difficulty in the passage of food, liquid, or medicine, during any stage of swallowing that impairs the individual the ability to swallow independently or safely. A customized therapy-based program can be beneficial to increase individualized compensatory swallowing strategies, modified diet textures to ensure safe swallowing, adapted mealtime environments including visual presentation of the meal to encourage eating, and creation of a setting that encourages attention to the meal, enhanced feeding skills including strategies to create feeding independence and provision of appropriate adapted utensils , preparatory exercises prior to a meal to facilitate the oral motions required for eating, positioning of the body to facilitate optimal digestion and arm use for independent and safe eating, reinforcement of strategies for the individual to enhance and improve swallowing safety and training for caregivers in individualized feeding and swallowing strategies to enhance eating and feeding performance. When followed at the recommended frequency, the individual will benefit, with an optimal achievement level of 100%.



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