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Golden Tee Rehab (GTR) – Module I: Prevention

GTR Module I offers a physical and sensory conditioning program designed to prevent injuries and improve game skills. It’s perfect for golfers who are vigilant about preventing sports and age-related injuries.

Your journey with us begins with the online purchase of the GTR program and the scheduling of the initial evaluation video consultation. After filling out the Intake Form and undergoing a comprehensive 30-minute evaluation by our program therapist/trainer, we provide you with a personalized Plan of Care.

Over the subsequent six weeks, you’ll receive guidance during scheduled follow-up video sessions and partake in systematically planned indoor and outdoor activities and exercises. The course culminates with a final 30-minute video consultation, upon which you’ll receive a Completion Certificate.

Post-module, we offer a proposal for a Plan of Continuous Care, developed according to your final evaluation.



Before purchasing this product, you can schedule a Free Consultation to explore how this program can be customized for you.

Buy now for $1,485.00 and book an initial session with a specialist to tailor this program according to your needs.


Start rehabilitative sessions at home in about a week!*

Attend the Online Evaluation: On first day, you will participate in the scheduled session with the therapist, sharing all necessary information about your concerns.
*After Scheduling Your Session and Complete Payment.

Get Your Custom Plan: After the evaluation, within 4-5 days, you will receive a personalized therapy plan designed to address your specific needs.

Go to “Docs & Files” section in the Client Secure Library and review your customized program.

You will also receive recommendations for materials that you will eventually need to gather from your own household items collection for the Exercise Section of your Program. For items you may need to purchase, we’ll provide a list with links to Amazon’s online reseller for quick and easy ordering.

Review your Program and write down any additional questions and information you would like to discuss with your therapist during your first Live Video Consultation.

Implement the Plan: Begin your therapy according to the plan, maintaining regular contact with your therapist to discuss progress, troubleshoot issues, and adjust the plan as necessary.

A Supervisor Therapist will send you a Notification requesting confirmation of attendance for the Live Video Chat the next day.

After the Live Video Chat with your specialized Therapist, the recorded session will be reviewed by the supervisor Therapist and posted to your Personal Digital Library for your records and re-runs.

It includes 3 more Live Video Chats with your Therapist, 15 minutes each, during which your progress will be monitored for the first 3 months. In addition to the included sessions, your Therapist will always be available for additional sessions whenever necessary.

Our customized Therapy Program is now considered delivered!

Therapy Programs by Age Group

This program is recommended for the following conditions:

Alzheimer´s / Chronic Pain / Dementia / Stroke / Work Force Post Injury