Why You Should Get a Customized Therapy Program

We have developed more than 150 Therapy Programs

A team of therapists and researchers has developed a complete series of pre-designed programs, focused on special needs common to people of different age groups.

Occupational, Physical and Speech Language Therapists

Our team can quickly customize the sessions according to the specific characteristics of each one and provide for most of them, results as successful as those of face-to-face therapy.

All programs have included 4 Online Consultations

You will make a first live video chat with a therapist to answer any questions concerning your customized therapy program, and three more consultations to monitor your progress.

Safe Restricted Client Area

Personal information and video consultation files are protected in a secure restricted area meeting all HIPPA guidelines. You can also schedule new appointments in your Client Secure Library.

Fast and Convenient

You can easily find a Therapy Program, request full customization, and start sessions in about a week within the comfort of your home, using different devices: mobile, tablet or PCs.

Affordable Cost

The cost of our customized virtual therapeutic program is often less than ongoing insurance payments and will allow your family to provide long term life improvements to meet the needs of your loved ones

Our evidence based Therapy Programs are designed for all Age Groups


Therapy specifically developed for children from birth – 18 years old


Therapy specifically developed for adults from 18 – 65 years old


Therapy specifically developed for seniors from 65 years old and older

Not sure about the right Therapy Program?

Schedule a Live Video Session with a Specialized Therapist that will help you to find the right programs to fit your therapy needs.
Pay only $30 for a 15 minutes session.