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Improving Memory

External Memory Aids – Cues from the environment to aid remembrance of ideas and sensations. Using memory tricks, traits, or talents to help the individual remember certain events, facts, or even things


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Product Description

Seniors experiencing Dementia require cues from the environment to aid remembrance of ideas and sensations, such cues are known as external reminders. Benefits from a customized therapy-based program addressing memory loss will assist with performing simple daily tasks as paying bills, recalling, or describing a specific situation, disorientation, loss of words (repeating phrases and stories in the same conversation) and making choices that result from poor judgement.  Additionally, with a customized therapy-based program, the senior suffering from consistently misplacing items, forgetting appointments, remembering the names of new acquaintances, and having trouble following simple directions will be provided with beneficial techniques to increase quality of life while living with Dementia. When followed at the recommended frequency, the adult will benefit, with an optimal achievement level of 100%.

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