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A Personalized Therapy Program at Your Fingertips

Welcome to the AC&A online platform for home-based therapy!

We offer a diverse range of evidence-based and pre-designed programs for all ages, with a special focus on the 55+ community. Our therapy programs can be quickly adapted to any individual’s needs, with no travel, no waiting, and no stress. Find a suitable therapy program for yourself or your loved one, request full customization, and start rehabilitative sessions at home in about a week!

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Golden Tee Rehab (GTR)

How it Works:

Choose Age Group, Concern and Program: Pick the appropriate age group, identify your concern, and select the suitable program.

Schedule Your Session: Once you've chosen your program, you'll be redirected to the scheduler. Pick a convenient time for your online evaluation and proceed to the shopping cart to check out.



Attend the Evaluation: Participate in the scheduled session with the therapist, sharing all necessary information about your concerns.

Get Your Custom Plan: After the evaluation, you will receive a personalized therapy plan designed to address your specific needs.

Implement the Plan: Begin your therapy according to the plan, maintaining regular contact with your therapist to discuss progress, troubleshoot issues, and adjust the plan as necessary.

Select an Age Group

Occupational, Speech-Language and Physical Therapy Programs delivered to you in the convenience of your own home. No Travel, no Waiting, no Stress.

Customized Program

Detailed customized therapy program prepared by a licensed/credentialed therapist

4 Live Video Sessions

with a therapist to answer any questions concerning your customized therapy program


The cost of our customized virtual therapeutic program is often less than ongoing insurance payments

Client Secure Library

Your personal information is protected in a secure portal meeting all HIPPA guidelines

Not Sure Which Therapy Program Is Best for You?

Book a FREE CONSULTATION with a Specialized Therapist. They’ll guide you in identifying the right program for your unique therapy needs.

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