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This program is recommended for the following conditions:

Global Delays

Pre-Academic Skills Training Through Play

Pre- academic skills through play- attention, play, early reading skills, early writing skills, early math skills, listening skills, problem-solving skillscommunication skills and creativity can all be learned through play.


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Product Description

Acquiring pre-academic skills builds self-esteem and confidence for children with a global developmental delay.  A customized therapy-based program will benefit children to develop problem-solving skills, increase vocabulary, teach independence, regulate emotions, and encourage planning while thinking ahead.  Additionally, a customized program specifically focusing on pre-academic skills will enhance social and motor skills development, increase school readiness, build developing muscles, bones, and joints faster, reduce depression/anxiety, increase learning capacity, and develop overall healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills.  When this program is followed, at the recommended frequency, there will be an optimal achievement level of 100%.

How Our Process Works

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