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This program is recommended for the following conditions:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Learning Social Skills Through Play

Social Skills through play – through playing games you can work on social skillsturn-taking, observing, listening and attention, joint focus, sharing, attending, observing, talking.


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Product Description

Children are not born with social skills, but as they grow up, they learn to behave in ways that show understanding of what is acceptable and expected situations. Social skills also entail having insight into how your appearance and behavior affect other people. Some brain injuries impede processing information about the surroundings, children can have difficulty shaping their behavior to fit the situation. Parents/caregivers can help these children by understanding the underlying behavioral problems and working with the child to improve their social skills. A customized therapy-based program addressing social skills through play can be beneficial to aid with personal or psychological issues such as low self-esteem, frustration, anger, or attention seeking. Interpersonal concerns such as impulsivity, not understanding the difference between thinking and acting, or not being aware of the needs and wishes of others. Lastly, cognitive of thinking issues such as loss of memory, lack of knowledge, poor judgment or difficulty organizing and planning. When followed at the recommended frequency, the individual will benefit, with an optimal achievement level of 100%.

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