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This program is recommended for the following conditions:

Autism & Sensory Processing

Improving Social Language

Adult’s ability to listen to and remember what you hear, taking turns with friends, and not interrupting, sharing the information you have accurately heard and without rambling, saying things in an organized manner and making sense, using tone and emotions that fit the situation.


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Product Description

This customized therapy-base program will benefit an adult’s ability to listen, remember what is heard, not interrupting throughout conversations, sharing the information accurately heard and saying things in an organized manner while using tone and emotions that fit the situation. Additionally, adults seeking to improve social language will learn techniques to develop language skills, improve nonverbal communication, utilize executive functioning, increase self-regulation to help adapt to various situations and ask questions for clarification. This program, when followed at the recommended frequency, has an optimal achievement level of 100%.

How Our Process Works

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